“Seriously. How do level 1 adventurer’s survive to become level 2? They don’t just go around stomping rats and kicking old ladies; they explore dangerous tombs! Dangerous, hilariously non-lethal tombs full of traps that bash them in the tenders and generally humiliate them.” – Anonymous


Fertility is a glorious thing. Or is it? For some it is a source of great anger and disgust. Body image… Size comparisons… Performance anxiety… The clean up… It’s enough to drive a sane person crazy. Just over two hundred years ago a cult of Omab, the ugly goddess of infertility, reached its zenith and her temple begun construction in a barren part of the world. Forty years into the building process, the work stopped. The temple would never be completed. The workers were too few, sickly, and old to continue. Local towns relocated and the cult couldn’t make more people. Not wanting his life’s work to be for not, the cults enigmatic leader personally saw to it that the temple was cursed and heavily booby trapped to preserve the sanctity of Omab’s Temple and the treasures that lie within.


For good or for bad, the cult of Omab is no more. As for Omab herself, she is no longer counted among the living gods of the Astral Sea. The only thing left of her or her cult is the unfinished temple whose original name has been long forgotten. The kobold’s who currently occupy it refer to it as Omab Halls. What kobolds? Why, the kobolds who just recently set up a base camp within the temple to gather treasure for their master, a Green Dragon named Gaefang.


The action starts out when the PCs activate or disable the trapped door to the entrance of Omab Halls, and continues on a fast pace into the first combat and skill challenge encounter. The adventure comes fast and furious in this dungeon, to get players up to speed on 4th Edition mechanics and creative thinking. So, what are you waiting for?

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Skill Challenges


Omab Halls