Le Bloof

“E ‘ave an excel-aunt quest for ew guys.”





  • Le Bloof speaks with an outrageous French Accent, and he refuses to understand the PCs who speak to him unless they also speak with an outrageous French Accent.
  • Le Bloof has a thing for the Controller or Leader in the PCs party (your choice) regardless of gender. He will attempt to seduce this person whenever there’s a lull in the action. He calls his quarry “My leetle pee-jon.”
  • Le Bloof will frequently twirl his moustache.


His infamy is known the world over; as he has had a hand in most of the greatest heists the world has ever been witness to. Supposedly he was the sole survivor of one particularly dangerous treasure gathering expedition in one of the nine hells. As to which one… well that changes every time he tells the tale. h3.Personality Description

Le Bloof is a formidable rogue, who also happens to be a pompous ass. His vanity rivals that of a dragon’s. Obnoxious as he is, he stands firmly on the side of good. Unless the need arises to temporarily stand on the side of the winning. h3.Physical Description

Le Bloof is a thin little man with narrow features. When questioned on his parentage he usually states “E am ‘alf ‘uman and a qeew-warter ling.” He wears an unflattering getup of garishly clashing colors. He has those poufy sleeve things and a matching poufy codpiece. Three pouches and an array of daggers line the red leather belt holding up his droopy purple tights. He wears calf high white fur boots with matching tricorne hat.

Le Bloof

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